Currently, each month members show up to five images around a selected topic. At the end of each meeting, a new idea or subject to photograph is offered for the next month’s presentation of images. Based on our members’ survey responses, we are going to try something different. Geoffrey K. was kind enough to discuss the new concept at our June meeting and to draft this for our newsletter.

The purpose of the suggested concept for new photographs is to provide a topic or direction for members to take in composing images. Images that are presented by a member can be newly created images, or previously taken images that are reworked for purposes of the HIP monthly presentation. A member is also free to choose their own topic, subject or composition that is unrelated to the suggested theme. In all cases, there should be a consistency of concept or theme among the images to be shown to help members learn to edit their work and think seriously about which images best reflect their efforts. (The five images should not be five random unrelated images, as this would hinder a good and serious opportunity for a discussion of the work presented.)

While images have traditionally been submitted as jpeg files for projection on a screen through a computer, physical prints are allowed and encouraged. The making, examination and handling of physical prints will add a new dimension and depth to these discussions to further help members grow and improve their work and presentation.

One image from each member’s set of up to five images that are presented will be selected for a “Critique” or more detailed discussion. The image selected would be chosen by the member, unless the member chooses not to have any images discussed, or defers to the Critique facilitator. The purpose for the discussion of that one image is to help that member, and other members, challenge how they are approaching their photography and to improve technique, composition and presentation of their images.

Facilitators for the session would be chosen from those attending the meeting. Periodically, an outside person (non-member) may be invited to facilitate the critique. All members are encouraged to participate and contribute in the discussion. All comments are to be given in the spirit of being constructive and educational. A desired outcome from these print review sessions is to also help members learn how to be more comfortable and articulate speaking themselves about their photographs.

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