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April Monthly Challenge – Street Photography or Manual exposure/Manual focus

April 12

April Member Photography Discussion: The first theme is based on Ian MacEachern’s presentation at the March meeting. Although the images he showed covered a wide range of subjects, most were of people, and many were what we would call “Street Photography.” April’s presentation-based challenge will be street photography. And since most of Ian’s images were black and white, so too will be yours if you accept this challenge. Caveat: Be safe. Choose carefully where and when you shoot. Consider using a cell phone rather than your “real” camera — everyone has one and they aren’t as likely to attract attention. Go with another person if you can arrange it and avoid confrontations with people who don’t want to be photographed.
The second theme is M & M: Manual exposure and manual focus. Today’s cameras are amazing. They’re computers with a piece of glass in front that can free us from thinking about technical details while we concentrate on the scene in front of us to make art. Or money. But it wasn’t always so. Many of us started back in the film days before autofocus and auto exposure. We squinted through the viewfinder and twisted the lens barrel to focus, and we either used a hand-held light meter or a match-needle meter inside the viewfinder to help us dial in the proper exposure. ISO, then called ASA, was a given. It was the sensitivity of the film’s emulsion to the light, and it didn’t change until we changed to a different kind of film. This month, we’ll harken back to the old days. We’ll select our ISO ahead of time (no auto-ISO, please), set our lenses to manual focus, and set the exposure method to M for manual. Then we’ll make some images the old-fashioned way.

With either theme, please keep your submissions to five so everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. We believe the monthly themes help one become a better photographer if you go out and make new pictures. Please send your pictures to Tim Watson (Tim@PhotoWatson.com) no later than Monday, April 11th.


April 12
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