Camp Hope, located in Houston, is an in-house treatment center for former GI’s with primary and secondary PTSD. Camp Hope was started by Mr. Gene Birdwell and it has grown into a wonderful facility that works. Their success rate is high for those that complete the program; much more so than the big named PTSD organizations you hear about in the news.

One of the Hipclub projects this year is to donate photographs to decorate the facility. The participants in their programs deserve to see more of the good things in life, in hopes that it would be beneficial to their treatment.
Alan Montgomery is also planning to start a class/photo club at Camp Hope to teach photography to the residents as another activity for them that they can take with them when they complete the program.

As a rough number, there are about 30 bedrooms, 12 classrooms and lots of hallways. We could use the following number of images and sizes:
30 – 8x10s framed 8×10 or 11×14

60 – 11×14 framed and matted to 16×20

20 – 20×24 – these could be framed or use the gator board and French hanger

10 – 30×40 – these could be mounted on gator board with a French Hanger on the back to avoid the expensive framing process

Any other ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Please contact Alan Montgomery for further details.

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