Monthly Challenge

During each monthly meeting there is a drawing for new challenge topics. Members are invited to interpret these photo challenges in their own creative way. Although you may already have images that fit the theme, you are encouraged to create new ones. 

During the following meeting, we share those images with each other. We all get to see the great images you’ve created that helps inspire all of us for our own photography.

This Month's Challenge

Speedlight and Cube

August 8

The challenge for August is to get that speed light out of your closet and make some pictures with it. And the alternative topic is your interpretation of a Cube. Corey demonstrated how easy and effective it is using only a single flash on a light stand with an umbrella. Learning to use your flash and to make it a regular part of your photography takes practice. One of the best sources of information and inspiration for using speed lights can be found on I highly recommend the Lighting 101, 201, 301 tutorials. 

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